Helping You Reach Your Goals

Getting to know you and helping you reach your goals is our main objective. Whether you are just starting, getting closer or don’t know, you can trust Prosperity Insurance Services to help guide you to where you wish to go.



At Prosperity Insurance Services, our mission is to deliver financial advice based on honesty, integrity and prudence.

Not everyone will need every product; it all depends on your lifestyle and your future goals.

An annuity is a fixed investment that is paid annually to the investor.


Under a qualified retirement plan, employers are able to receive a tax break for the contributions made to their employees.


3 steps to consider when getting started with an investment portfolio:

  • Recognize liabilities and pay them off quickly
  • Understand risk levels
  • Take advantage of tax-deferred options

Being financially prepared for retirement is of utmost importance. Making sure that you have invested and saved enough before retirement can be the difference between living comfortably and worry free and being stressed late in life.

Here are some steps to consider when figuring out what you’d be comfortable investing in:

  • Investment time frame
  • Investment risk
  • Balancing your investment portfolio